WARGAME OKLAHOMA is a brand new large scale airsoft game produced by D-Day Adventure Park, the largest playing field in the world and home of Oklahoma D-Day and American Milsim’s Broken Home. The event is based on the historically top secret military simulation exercise created by the Warsaw Pact in 1979 as a plan to engage NATO in a seven-day nuclear and conventional war to invade Europe. The primary vision of the event is to allow players to plan and organize their own simulated invasion.

Players can think of the event as a “wargame” with each side having a player command structure broken down into units, and the freedom for each side to plan their strategy year after year. In this scenario, the game flow isn’t scripted and your actions have real consequences on the outcome of the game no matter who you are. The event will feature air support and armor support mechanics, real military trucks for unit transportation as well as real cold-war era tanks and APC’s at the event.

D-Day Adventure Park’s playing field is over 600 acres, featuring numerous cities, villages, firebases, trenches, downed airplanes, helicopters and more! Cities will be titled after REAL locations in West Germany to help sell the wargame aesthetic and help the player feel they are really taking part in a Cold War operation. There is truly no facility that is larger and more diverse than D-Day Adventure Park. (It is highly advised that all players wear ankle-supporting footwear when taking the field!)

When you sign up for the event, you will register as a member of a unit from either NATO or WARSAW which saw deployment during the time period the scenario takes place. Each unit will have a specialty (infantry, motorized, airborne, SF, etc), a deployment location at game-on, and a designated camping area to facilitate the building of an awesome community. The armies of each side will be expanded and more units will open up as the event grows! More information on units, how to become a commander, and the rules about command structure can be found on this page.

You ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE PERIOD CORRECT UNIFORMS for this event, however, this is a GREEN vs TAN event. At the bare minimum, players must have a top in the color pattern of their faction. Additionally, because often a players head is the only thing thing that is seen of them, any player head-gear (helmets, hats, etc) must be in the faction color pattern as well. Come with what gear you have, and the only thing we’ll ask of you is that NATO PLAYERS use GREEN BASED CAMOS and WARSAW PLAYERS use TAN BASED CAMOS. You can find a camo chart under the “units” section on this page.

Along with the game, we will also have FREE CAMPING FOR PLAYERS, GEAR VENDORS, a LUNCH PLAN, and one of D-Day Adventure Park’s WORLD FAMOUS PLAYER PARTIES!



Players may arrive FRIDAY AUGUST 31ST to set camp, browse vendors, and hang out if they so wish.

Camping is available free of charge for players! (non-player campers pay $20) We also have RV spots available for purchase! Also nearby is the Indigo Sky Casino Hotel located 10 minutes from the field!


So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!


Units, Player Command Structure, Special Forces/Airborne Unit Rules.

Inspired by the mechanics of the world’s largest paintball game, Oklahoma D-Day, Wargame Oklahoma will feature a unit structure for each side. Units represent real-world divisions that were deployed to the area during the Cold War. While each unit represents a division, units will act more as platoon-sized element of 20-60 people for the event. Each unit will have a specialty such as infantry, special forces, or armor. Also, units will have a deployment location at game on that is determined by the game staff and player commanders during the pre-planning for the event. Each unit will have a designated camping location that players are encouraged to camp around in order to maintain unit cohesion and bolster building a game-community. We ask that the players try to adhere to camo guidelines for each side to help designate friend from foe. If for whatever reason you cannot comply with the camo guidelines, or if you are a walk-on player, your arm will be marked to designate your faction. Generally, NATO will wear GREEN base camos, and WARSAW will wear TAN base camos. At the bare minimum, players need at least a shirt in the color of their faction.



Player Command Structure
Along with units, Wargame Oklahoma will feature a player-driven command structure. Meaning, each side will have commanders/officers for each division as well as a command staff for each side that oversees planning/command operations for the event. While players will technically have a “rank” within the game, these positions serve only to help organize the sides, keep players safe and informed, and add an additional level of fun to the event. Players are not REQUIRED to follow any orders you issue if you are a commander, and while you have a say in game-play decisions on the field and during pre-planning, your primary function as an officer is to ensure the players under your command are SAFE, INFORMED, and having FUN.

Commanders will be assigned by DDAP staff. If you’re a regular to the D-Day Park facility for other airsoft or paintball events, you will have priority over newcomers if you apply for these positions. You can see a list of available commander slots under the unit listings for each faction below.

If you are interested in becoming a side commander, unit commander, or officer of any kind, please tell us a little about yourself via email! You can reach us at: ddayparkairsoft@gmail.com

Special Forces Units
Only certain units during the event will be classified as “SF”. Any unit designated as an “SF” unit has a strict 16+ age limit due to the nature of the objectives tasked to SF units. Current SF units include the 82nd AB and the 680th Special Infantry (SPETSNAZ). Some units may be classified as multiple designations such as the 82nd AB being both “Airborne” and “Special Forces”. When an SF player is eliminated behind enemy lines, they must return to a DZ in their faction’s territory.

Airborne/Airmobile Units
Airborne/Air-mobile units are units who make extensive use of helicopters or aircraft. During the game, each side will get a limited number of “drops” which allow the force commander to deploy their airborne/air-mobile assets anywhere on the battlefield via truck, vehicle, or by foot with the supervision of field staff. Current airborne/air-mobile units include 901st Airmobile Brigade VDV and the 82nd Airborne. When an airborne/air-mobile player is eliminated behind enemy lines, they must return to a DZ in their faction’s territory.


For Wargame Oklahoma 2018, NATO will be playing primarily as a defensive faction. NATO units will be deployed across West Germany to defend strategic locations against a possible WARSAW invasion. More units will become available as pre-registration grows and you can change your unit at any time prior to the event. Walk on players may not have a choice in which faction they play on so PRE-REGISTER. We ask that anyone playing for the NATO faction please try to wear any GREEN BASE CAMOS to designate themselves from WARSAW. If you cannot for whatever reason comply with said guidelines, or are a walk-on player, your arm will be marked with either red or blue tape to designate your allegiance. CLICK HERE TO SEE NATO CAMO EXAMPLES





These are the designated persons who will be acting as overall commanders for the NATO faction.

1st Infantry Division

Infantry Division

CO: Roger “Gunny” Hyatt

The 1st Infantry Division is the primary infantry force of the NATO faction for this event. Meaning, this unit will see constant action as a front line unit, holding off the Warsaw advance from game on to game end.


17th/21st British Lancers

Light Recon Brigade

CO: Derek “Tiger” Chace of the 1st Lancers Airsoft Team
XO: Bubba Patenaude

The Lancers are a light recon brigade that makes extensive use of light motorized vehicles to perform force recon and quick reaction duties for the NATO faction. Because of the nature of operating in close conjunction with light motor vehicles, you must be approved by the unit commanders before joining this unit. Please contact the CO or XO for this unit for more information.


82nd Airborne

Airborne Division/Special Forces Unit

CO: Travis Posey of Reactive Armory.
XO: Charlie Gaylord

During the Cold War, the 82nd Airborne Division was kept in reserve by NATO as a quick reaction force, able to deploy anywhere a Communist threat materialized. The 82nd acts as a NATO quick reaction unit at game on, and can be force deployed via transport behind WARSAW lines once the WARSAW Pact has initiated contact and crossed into Western Germany. For game balance and because of the nature of some of the special missions the game directors will call upon the 82nd to complete, you must be 16 years of age or older to join this unit.


4th Canadian Combat Engineers

Engineer Battalion

CO: Tyler Garrison

The 4th Canadian Combat Engineers are a special unit of the NATO faction in that they are the only persons on the field who may repair secondary objectives, faction bases/support locations, and bridges. They are also able to deploy special items such as minefields.


1st Armored Division

Armored Division


Any and all tankers/tanks wishing to play for the NATO faction are to sign up under this unit designation.


For Wargame Oklahoma 2018, WARSAW will be playing primarily as an offensive faction. WARSAW forces stage across the border in Czechoslovakia in preparation to invade West Germany. WARSAW forces get to choose when to initiate the invasion between 0900-0945. More units will become available as pre-registration grows and you can change your unit at any time prior to the event. Walk on players may not have a choice in which faction they play on so PRE-REGISTER. We ask that anyone playing for the WARSAW faction please wear any TAN BASE CAMOS to designate themselves from NATO players. If you cannot for whatever reason comply with said guidelines, or are a walk-on player, your arm will be marked with either red or blue tape to designate your allegiance. Click here to see the camo-guidelines.




FACTION CO: Jacob Steele of the OKC Jaeger Rifle Corps (cmccollum325@gmail.com)

These are the designated persons who will be acting as overall commanders for the WARSAW faction.

18th Guards Rifle Division

Infantry Division


The 18th Guards are the WARSAW Pact’s primary infantry unit, and is likely to be one of the first units to see action during the operation, and will see heavy fighting throughout the entirety of the event.

901st Airmobile Battalion VDV

Airborne Division

CO: Carl “Battleborne” Lindell

The 901st Airmobile Battalion is the WARSAW Pact’s primary airborne unit. Making use of transport aircraft (army transport trucks), the 901st deploy deep behind enemy lines through multiple airdrops throughout the day in order to harass NATO supply routes and objectives.

680th Special Infantry Regiment (SPETSNAZ)

Special Forces

CO: Chance “Cambridge” McCollum
XO: Matt Faraon

The 680th Special Infantry Regiment performs high-stakes special tasks, completes special field missions, and performs reconnaissance tasks for the WARSAW Pact. Due to the nature of the special objectives given to this unit, you must be 16 years of age or older to sign up for this unit.

31st Guards Tank Division

Armored Division


All WARSAW tanks and tankers will sign up under this unit designation.


Wargame Oklahoma Mechanics

Wargame Oklahoma has been designed to emulate a large scale wargame centered around a Cold War invasion scenario known as “Seven Days to the River Rhine”. Seven Days to the River Rhine was a 1979 WARSAW battle plan that outlined engaging NATO in a seven day conventional and nuclear war with their ultimate goal being the seizure of West Germany and the capitulation of the Western Powers. As such, the factions have been designed with the historical strengths and weaknesses of NATO and WARSAW at that time in mind. Additionally, each faction will have secret sets of orders and documents that only the high-command will have access to and D-Day Adventure Park will issue various types of OPERATION ORDERS throughout the year to the command staff and players on each side so that they can prepare their battle-plans for the operation. Anything is fair game during the planning phase of the event, and sides are encouraged to utilize conference calls, attend field meetings, and even spread misinformation to their enemy in the weeks leading up to the game.

Generally, NATO will be the defensive faction for this operation and the high-command of this side will have access to hourly “support cards” that are generated by certain objectives that they control during the game. For example, holding an airbase will allot their side an amount of airstrikes which the commanders can deploy as long as NATO holds that airbase. Full examples of supports and objectives for each side will be listed below.

WARSAW, however, will be the offensive faction for this operation and their high-command will have access to a large stock-pile of “support cards” at game on that they may deploy during the game instead of infrastructure that “generates” a smaller amount of support for them every hour. There will be less restriction on the amount of support that the WARSAW commanders can deploy, however, once WARSAW has used up all their support items, the faction is out of support and cannot regain their support material.

Everything you need to know about the game-mechanics can be found below.

Primary Objectives

Primary objectives are objectives of vital strategic importance to both factions. Commonly primary objectives for large scale invasions include populations centers, crossroads, bridges, airfields, and main supply routes. Primary objectives will generate an amount of points every half hour for NATO as long as the faction holds it. If WARSAW seizes a primary objective, the faction is awarded a one-time lump sum of points for the initial seizure, and then will receive hourly or half hourly point allotments for as long as they hold the objective. Players will not know the exact location, type, or number of primary objectives until orders are issued to the faction command-staffs. Additionally, to simulate intelligence gathering, information on objectives may be withheld from one faction and given to another so that (just like in a wargame) the commanders and players never know for certain what their enemy’s intentions and objectives truly are, and merely know as much information as they were able to gather during their pre-planning.

Support Objectives

Support Objectives are secondary objectives are that generate support items for the faction who holds them. Generally, NATO will begin play with a number of support objectives that will generate for the faction an amount of “support cards” every hour while game play progresses. Support objectives represent infrastructure such as airfields, fuel dumps, forward operating bases, and more. The NATO faction may only use a “support card” if the faction holds the support objective that generates the type of “support card” they wish to utilize. For example, if the NATO general wished to deploy a Combat Air Support Card to call in an airstrike on an enemy building, the ref would have to confirm that the NATO faction holds some sort of airfield before allowing the general to activate their CAS card. These restrictions do not generally exist for the WARSAW faction, as their infrastructure is considered to be “off map”.

Once a support objective is taken by the enemy, it is considered destroyed and does not produce any more support for the rest of the game unless it is repaired by players from a COMBAT ENGINEER BATTALION. Support objectives may only be repaired a limited number of times during play. (FOB’s may have different mechanic rules depending on orders)


Airbase (AB): An Airfield generates Combat Air Support Cards and allows NATO to forward deploy their airborne units.

Fuel Logistics Base (FLB): A Fuel Logistics Base generates Strategic Fuel Reserve Cards as well as Supply Drop Cards.

Forward Operating Base (FOB): A Forward Operating Base is a site that a faction can insert reinforcements on, not requiring the players to go live at an RP or Deadzone but instead becoming live within the boundaries of the FOB. (WARSAW has access to FOB’s)


Audibles are missions assigned to commanders by the game-staff. They are slightly more scripted objectives that can include any type of mission such as recon, recovery, ambush, evac, and more. Audibles can be assigned to commanders or individual players at any time while on the field.


Support comes in the form of lamented cards that must be activated through a ref when deployed. Support can come in many different forms. Support items can also represent things such as minefields, demo charges, supply drops and more.

Types of Support

Chemical Weapons Card (WARSAW ONLY): When deployed, a ref will detonate a large “buoy smoke” with a duration of 20 minutes on the target area. For the duration that the site is covered in smoke, the site is considered out of play for any persons who do not have some form of “gas mask” to put on over their face or goggles. Gas masks can be represented through cheap “dust masks” which can be found for a few dollars at any store. If the player has a half face respirator they wish to wear that will also work, though we are not responsible for any damage that may come to your mask. Any persons playing in the area without a dust mask of some sort will be eliminated.

Combat Air Support Cards: When deployed, the user may designate a target to be hit with an airstrike. The target may be either a building or an area with a radius of roughly 25 yards. When deployed, a ref will approach the area and inform everyone LOUDLY within the blast radius that they are eliminated.

Strategic Fuel Cards: When deployed, the faction may force-deploy any of their armored vehicles that are awaiting re-spawn.

Supply Drop Card: When deployed, the faction may load a staff-vehicle with any items they wish and the items will be delivered to a location of the commander’s choice. These drops can include anything from food and water to arms and ammunition. These shipments may not be intercepted.

More support cards incoming…

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The Field

D-Day Adventure Park is the largest playing field in the world. The field features over 600 acres of field to play on filled with mock cities, towns, downed aircraft, trench networks, bunkers, pillboxes, bridges and more. Because of the nature of the terrain, we ask that all players wear ankle supporting footwear when taking the field. Additionally, we also ask that all players have water on their person at all times. Below are two different variants of the D-Day field map.



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Wargame Oklahoma: Seven Days to the River Rhine is a large scale airsoft scenario with a lot of players and moving pieces involved so it is crucial that all participants read and understand the rules for their safety and the safety of others. One thing to remember is, while any side can win with any strategy they employ, in the end the operation is for fun. While realism is a top-priority that doesn’t change the fact that this is a game.

Read the entirety of the selection below and take the 2018 safety quiz when it becomes available. When the quiz becomes available and once you’ve completed the quiz, print off your certificate of completion and bring it with you when you check-in for the event. Those who have not completed the safety quiz must sit through a pre-game orientation. If a person is running late and has to sit through the orientation because they didn’t take the quiz it could cut into their play time as the game begins at 0900 hours


  • Do not lose your player ID or facility bracelet.
  • Once chronographed, your player ID tag will be punched to indicate you are ready to roll. (Marksmen have exceptions to these rules)
  • No alcohol or drug use on the playing field at any-time. Any player who seems intoxicated will be ejected from the game.
  • No weapons, knives, wire, or rope are allowed on the field.
  • No chronographing tools are allowed on the playing field. Chronographing must be done at registration prior to entering the field.
  • Firing is not allowed anywhere except on the field or at a chronographing station. Do not purposefully engage ref-staff, transportation vehicles, press, or wildlife or you will be ejected.
  • Absolutely no racism or insulting behavior is allowed (foul language, slurs, violence). We expect all players to act mature and to remember that you are fake soldiers in fake armies in a fake battle and that it is just a game.
  • No physical contact is allowed between players with the exception of mercy-tags.
  • Laser sights are not allowed.
  • Event is COLD SMOKE only. You may bring your own COLD SMOKE. We will also be selling smoke in the vendor area for participants to use.
  • The word of the game-staff is final. If you argue with a ref, you will be ejected.
  • Do not vandalize the field or make unapproved modifications.
  • Do not climb trees, or on top of buildings or bunkers that do not allow for rooftop access.
  • Chronographing is strictly enforced and will be checked while in play. If your airsoft gun shoots above 400FPS you must adhere to the 100 foot minimum engagement distance and other rules outlined in Marksmen Rules.
  • This is a LOW/MID-CAP MAG only event. Further rules on mag/ammo restrictions will be added in a complete rule packet closer to the event.
  • Eye protection is MANDATORY for any persons on the field at any time. You must have SEALING ASTM goggle systems designed for either airsoft or paintball. If you are under the age of 18 you are required to wear some form of face-protection in addition to your goggles while on the field such as a scarf, shemagah, or simply a paintball mask. Mesh goggle systems are not allowed.

All participants must read and understand the following rules and regulations. In addition to understanding the rules all participants are required to fill out a liability release waiver at the time of check-in or online. Persons who have not filled out the liability waiver or who haven’t completed rules orientation will not be allowed to participate in the event in any capacity. 

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Gameplay Rules

These are rules mostly pertaining to the game itself. These are absolutely necessary things to know for any player.

  1. Age: All participants must be 12 years of age or older. Some units may have age restrictions due to the extreme nature of their missions.
  2. Goggles: All participants must wear an ASTM approved SEALING goggle system at all times while on the playing field. Any persons under the age of 18 are required to wear some sort of face protection such as a scarf, shammagh, or paintball mask. No mesh goggle systems are allowed. If at any point your goggles come off during intense gameplay, DO NOT LOOK FOR THEM. Instead, yell “blind man” and drop to the ground covering your face. Stay put and wait for a player or ref to return your goggles to you.
  3. BB’s/Chronographing/Mag-Sizes: All BB’s used must be biodegradable. AEG max FPS with .02g bbs is 400 fps. AEGs running 350 and lower can be used to breach building but in semi only. Pistols are limited to 350 FPS. Snipers/Designated Marksmen must comply with special rules outlined later on this page. You will be asked to chronograph right after registration check in, so bring the things you need when you go to check in. Once chronographed, your player ID will be punched to indicate you are ready to rock and roll. This is a LOW/MID-CAP MAG only event. Further rules on mag/ammo restrictions will be added shortly.
  4. Injuries: If you encounter an injured player on the field, inform the nearest ref at once. Do not move the player if they are seriously hurt. If you have medical training, you may stay and assist the player until help arrives.
  5. Eliminations: When a player is hit on the field they are either ELIMINATED or WOUNDED. When you are ELIMINATED, you are to raise your hands and weapon above your head, yell “HIT”, heading away from the engagement area. When eliminated, you may not speak to your teammates about enemy locations, use your radio, or give another person a piece of your equipment. Remember: Dead men tell no tales. When eliminated, return to your side’s designated deadzone or RP and follow the re-spawn rules specified for that phase. Re-spawn rules may change depending on game-flow and phase. The most common re-spawn
    type you will see, however, is “touch and go”. Click here to learn about wounding.
  6. Shooting/Dead Zones: Firing is not allowed anywhere outside the playing field or chronographing station. This includes your car, camp, the vendor area, bathrooms, etc. When in the deadzone or off the field, airsoft guns are to be kept with their magazines out and their safeties on. If you see anyone entering a deadzone without their weapon cold, please inform them to take their mag out and safety their weapon. You have the right to insure that other people respect your eyesight, and others have the right to ensure that you do too.There is to be no firing within 100 feet of a deadzone entry way. Deadzone camping is not allowed and you will be called out if caught. We ask that players do not purposefully aim for the face or head while on the field if at all possible. DO NOT ENGAGE TRANSPORT TRUCKS, DRIVERS OF ANY AND ALL VEHICLES, NON-COMBATANT VEHICLES, WILDLIFE, REFS, PRESS, SPECTATORS, INJURED PERSONS, OR ANYONE OUTSIDE OF THE PLAYING FIELD.
  7. Climbing/Field Hazards/Boundaries: Climbing trees is not allowed, nor is climbing on top of buildings or bunkers that do not allow for roof access. The field is massive, so it’s hard sometimes to keep the entire facility fully maintained. If you notice any safety hazards on the field please report to a ref at once. Any areas marked with orange, yellow, or red paint/tape is out of bounds and out of play. If you enter an out of bounds area you will be called out.
  8. Barrel-tags/Surrenders/Physical Contact: Any physical contact between sides is not allowed unless it is a barrel-tag. Barrel-tags are when a player has skillfully closed in close enough to touch an opponent and call them out. If you are barrel-tagged, you are out. No exceptions. Barrel-tag’s are to only be performed with a hand or foam training tool by tapping the person on the shoulder. Additionally, if you’ve cornered an unaware opponent or are engaging them within 20 feet, you may ask them to surrender. When a player asks you to surrender that person is doing it as a courtesy and it is not mandatory for you to call yourself out when asked, nor is it mandatory for a person to ask you to surrender. Exercise honor and good sportsmanship while on the field.
  9. Behavior & Sportsmanship: Please watch your language while on the field. Please treat others with respect and do not use discriminatory language such as racial slurs or name calling. Violence of any kind is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event and law-enforcement will be involved. Game staff have the final word on the field. Do not argue with ref-staff, refs are entirely non-partial and only exist to keep you safe.Cheating, overshooting, or unsportsmanlike conduct will see you ejected from the event.
  10. Prohibited Items/Pets: Do not bring firearms, weapons, knives, pyrotechnics, fireworks, or explosives onto the facility. Pets are not allowed.
  11. Field Modification: Field modification is prohibited unless approved by DDAP staff. Do not vandalize the property or you will be arrested.
  12. Spectators: Spectators are allowed, however they must adhere to the safety rules above and must sign a liability waiver. Please do not shoot press or their cameras or you will be ejected from the event.
  13. Lost Items: DDAP is not responsible for any items lost on the field. We will however make all efforts to return your property to you if one of our staff members find your item.

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Facility/Camping Rules

 D-Day Adventure Park has over 100 acres of camping grounds, bathroom and shower facilities, RV spots, and vendor buildings for our customers to enjoy. During the event, there will be designated camping areas for both NATO and WARSAW. Camping with your side/unit is not mandatory however it is highly advised as it helps you stay with your unit and to make new friends during the event. The camping area will have a community firepit to be used as a hangout area. Also, we will be having a player-party Saturday night that is open to all. The player-party is a D-Day Adventure Park tradition and a place for you to make new friends, see old friends, and meet the staff. There will be music, prizes, and more. Specific camping/facility rules are listed below.


  1. Behaviour: Respect your fellow participant, the facility, and the staff. Please do not litter. There will be a designated trash pickup area in each camp area as well as numerous trash-cans scattered about. Do not throw glass bottles or trash of any kind into your campfire. We work really hard to groom the field and broken glass is a major hazard. Please be mindful of the volume of your music and your generators and respect when your neighbors are trying to sleep. Do not enter another person’s campsite without being expressly invited.
  2. Alcohol: Alcohol is only allowed within your campsite and at the player party. Do not bring alcoholic beverages into the vendor area or onto the field. Do not provide alcohol to minors. During the duration of the event, your campsite is your private property, and we will respect that as long as you do not cause problems for your fellow player or for the facility.
  3. Drugs: Any and all illicit drugs/substances are expressly forbidden. If you are caught under the influence or in possession of an illicit substance you may be ejected at the discretion of the organizer.
  4. Theft/Violence: If you steal or act violently at our event you will go to jail. Period.
  5. Campfires: Campfires are allowed with METAL FIRE RINGS ONLY as long as there is not a burn ban in effect. Please do not bring firewood from your home, as it could carry diseases/pests that could harm our facility’s tree life. There will be multiple fire-rings available for use by campers on site.
  6. Prohibited items/Pets: Do not bring firearms, weapons, pyrotechnics, fireworks, explosives, or swords onto the premises or onto the playing field. Firearms are absolutely not allowed. Period. Pets are not allowed.

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Vehicles, Transportation, Armor, AT

Transport Trucks.
D-Day Adventure Park typically makes use of cold-war era “Deuce and a Half” army transport trucks to mobilize units for an operation. These trucks are huge, loud, and hard to stop so make sure you watch out for yourself and other players when playing along deuce routes. Riding on a deuce is also a bumpy ride, so we ask that you hang on to the truck or the person in front of you when riding in a standing position. Please sit down while in the truck if at all possible. Do NOT dismount from the truck without being told to do so by the truck operator! During the operation, trucks may act as “transport helicopters” or “transport aircraft”, regardless of what role the truck is playing all rules still stand.

Tracked APC’s & Tanks
When playing at D-Day Adventure Park you may encounter a number of real-world tracked military vehicles. Once again, these vehicles are loud and visibility for the driver is minimal at times, so use caution when operating around them. They may appear during game-play in both NATO and WARSAW armies as transports, weapons platforms, armor support, or static objective points. If a vehicle is acting as armor support, it will abide by the airsoft tank rules below. If a vehicle is acting as a transport, do not dismount from the vehicle without being told to do so by the driver. Do not attempt to climb onto a moving tank or APC. Do not purposefully target the drivers of ANY vehicles on the field.

Player-built Airsoft Tanks/Vehicles
Playing at a field as large as D-Day Adventure Park allows the game producers the opportunity to allow deployment of airsoft fighting vehicles or AFV’s. AFV is a blanket term for any vehicle that was purposefully designed to participate in an airsoft battle. During the event, AFV’s and their crew for both sides will register as members of the armored divisions for their side. Tanks may be eliminated by hand-held nerf-rocket systems, vehicle mounted nerf-rocket systems, or artillery. All nerf-rocket systems must have velocity adjustment and all systems/rockets must be inspected by game staff prior to the event. See the link below for complete AT/AFV rules handbook.

Any persons wishing to bring their AT weapon or AFV to the event MUST contact the email below to begin the registration process. Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions as well.

AT-AFV Registration/Questions Contact: ddayparkairsoft@gmail.com

The 2018 AFV/AT Handbook will be made available shortly.

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Snipers/Designated Marksmen Rules.


We ask that any persons who anticipate being a sniper be involved with a dedicated airsoft unit/team or be a veteran airsoft player. All snipers must sit through the orientation video at check-in regardless if they’ve already completed the safety quiz or not. DDAP reserves the right to deny a player the sniper role on any grounds the staff feel are necessary for the safety of other players.

Anyone utilizing an upgraded bolt action rifle over 400 FPS must carry a sidearm that can be used alternately when engaging targets closer than 100 feet. If you have no sidearm and find yourself too close to the opposing force, you may either a) wait until they move to a safe range or b) relocate to a safe range. Do not fire at targets closer than 100 feet. Do not fire a people’s faces. After orientation, your weapon will be marked with a zip-tie to indicate you are in fact a sniper and have gone through the proper training. The max FPS limit for this class is 550 FPS.

Designated Marksmen
We ask that any persons who anticipate being a DM be involved with a dedicated airsoft unit/team or be a veteran airsoft player. All DM’s must sit through the orientation video at check-in regardless if they’ve already completed the safety quiz or not. DDAP reserves the right to deny a player the DM role on any grounds the staff feel are necessary for the safety of other players.

Anyone utilizing an upgraded semi auto rifle over 400 FPS must carry a sidearm that can be used alternately when engaging targets closer than 100 feet. If you have no sidearm and find yourself too close to the opposing force, you may either a)  wait until they move to a safe range or b) relocate to a safe range. Do not fire at targets closer than 100 feet. No fully auto weapon is allowed. Do not fire a people’s faces. No polar star engines are allowed in DMR class. The max FPS limit for this class is 500 FPS.

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Medic/Wounding Rules

Each unit commander will be allotted an amount of “medic” cards which they will then assign to players who wish to play as medics for the event. Medics need to carry a number of ace wrap around bandages and use them to revive a player when hit. The medic must properly apply the bandage in a fashion that they would for a real wound. You may not simply tie it around your patient’s arm once or twice and call it good. Players may only be healed twice by a medic. If a player is eliminated after their second revive, they must return to the deadzone or RP and can remove their bandages at that time. We ask that you return your bandages to the medic if you are able to.

When a player is hit, that player may choose to either: (a): Return to the Deadzone or RP, OR, (b): IF SAFELY POSSIBLE, sit down where eliminated and wait for a medic to revive them. A player at any time when wounded can choose to “die” and return to the Deadzone or RP. When you are wounded, you must remove yourself from the line of fire, sit down on the ground, and place a dead-rag on your head to signify you are out of play.

Please do not take a wound if you are in an area of intense fire, if you will become a tripping hazard, or if your location is unsafe for you to go prone in. Staff may tell you to go to the deadzone at anytime when wounded if they feel that you are in a poor position to be revived.

While wounded, the player may not move and must be carried/dragged by a friendly in order to re-position. For safety reasons, the wounded player can help persons dragging them by crawling as long as the dragging player has a hold on the wounded player’s equipment/body. Once a player has decided to “die” they are eliminated. Period. And may not choose to become wounded after calling themselves out.

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You ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE PERIOD CORRECT UNIFORMS for this event, however, this is a GREEN vs TAN event. At the bare minimum, players must have a top in the color pattern of their faction. Additionally, because often a players head is the only thing thing that is seen of them, any player head-gear (helmets, hats, etc) must be in the faction color pattern as well. Come with what gear you have, and the only thing we’ll ask of you is that NATO PLAYERS use GREEN BASED CAMOS and WARSAW PLAYERS use TAN BASED CAMOS.




Team Discounts,Team Promotion

We will be offering $5 discounts off every registration to groups and teams of 5 or more! Additionally, any teams that decide to come to Wargame Oklahoma will get their team icon and name promoted on all of our advertising material for the event.

If your team is interested in coming to Wargame Oklahoma, email us at: ddayparkairsoft@gmail.com

Employment, Work Weekends/Player Meetings, Staff

If you’re interested in being a part of D-Day Adventure Park Airsoft we’re always looking for more help. If you’re interested in game-writing, reffing, or have anything you want to offer please contact the email below. Be sure you tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re interested in doing!


Work Weekends/Player Meetings
Throughout the year, the D-Day facility will have multiple work weekends for different events we will post them here, on our calendar, and on our Facebook page when they develop. If you’re interested in coming out and helping work on the field, we would greatly appreciate it. We are especially grateful for anyone who can bring any kind of tools or equipment such as chainsaws and weed-eaters. While you’re out, feel free to train on the facility, explore, and bring any out-door toys you want to enjoy and camp out.

Additionally, we will have a number of player meetings so that players and commanders who are interested in the event can come out and talk to the staff, receive special Intel for their side, discuss rules and ideas, explore the field, and meet other commanders! You don’t have to attend the work weekend to come to the player meetings, they are open to the public.

If you have any questions, email: ddayparkairsoft@gmail.com

Vendor Contact.
Interested in becoming a vendor for our event? Contact us at ddayparkairsoft@gmail.com

Some current vendors include The Bunker Army Surplus, Valken, and Charlie’s Chicken, and TC Airsoft.